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The Pace of Grace

November 12, 2019


The Pace of Grace is sitting in Starbucks at 2:32pm on a Tuesday; When really, this is something you could’ve gotten done at your home, early this morning, without spending $5.32 on an extra hot Chai Latte with Soymilk. No foam. But instead……. you drive 24 miles to the nicer side of town so that you can publish a “necessary” blog post rather than the 1,485 other things that need your almost immediate attention.


Yes, for me, that’s the pace of grace.


Sometimes that means doing things that don’t quite help me with the task I must complete, but more so, tending to the things that keep my head in the game. This is with hopes that I can someday-someway-somehow tend to those very tasks that look me in the face on a daily. At least that’s been my philosophy.


Beginning the business was easy, I thrived. Being myself became the normal, and getting the gigs was cake. But what happens when the next level looks you in the face and tells you, “Boss Up!” What happens when being mediocre is no longer an option and  your accomplishments become a distant milestone?


For me, it caused a very doubtful whisper to replay everything that I hadn’t done (past & present). Getting up some days became harder and I played the lower league when it came to relationships (especially with God), my work ethic, and ambition. Depression is real, anxiety is real, and “the quarter life crisis” will throw us into a cycle of doing the same thing in a different way.


Everyone is different, and everyone’s pace is different. The one thing that will remain the same is the pace of grace. While in your head, you may be slowing down, understand the pace of grace will never be yours to keep. The pace of grace requires you to sit and wait patiently while remembering that you are not in control.


When you grasp the concept of not being in control, it allows you to realize that all the worry associated with these things are not yours to accept, but the health associated with who you’re called to be IS.


This is where I call in the pace of grace and tie myself to the marathon mantra, remembering that all great runners train for length and not necessarily speed. The pace of grace will allow you to release yourself from the "right now" and connect you to the long term calling on your life. This not only helps with training for the long-term but makes space for conditioning while connecting with the present.


We’re all navigating adulthood the best way we know how and some days we tend to give up. My pace of grace is defined in Christ alone. When I fall short, I fall on him. Lastly my friend, don’t get the pace of grace confused with being lazy. Know when to get up; You can’t and won’t stay there forever.


Your only job is to dwell in the pace of grace, get up the next day and try again.


Proud of You!


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