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We still being weird with our sisters?

My time at BYOB (click the hyperlink if you're unfamiliar) was amazing, and of course I'll continue highlighting the overall experience over the next few days. Last year, I attended the conference as media personnel while this year I attended as a vendor. And though a good panel discussion is my thing, my focus was on serving those who were attending as guest. I listened to the views of my peers, and tried to noticed what everyone was enticed by the most. It seemed as if we all agreed on one thing; a safe place. 


As I walked the second floor, I encountered the BumbleBizz set-up which I was quite impressed by. To be honest, I thought it was just for women with multiple ring-lights and wedge looking foam brushes floating around. As I judged the set-up further I became intrigued and decided to see what was happening. As I approached the table I began conversation with my girl Morayo who was the coolest. She had big hair and overalls with this dope bumble shirt on. Actually all of their reps had on cool ass bumble shirts. To speed things up and not lose you as I'm losing myself; BumbleBizz is basically like Bumble......but for business. They were helping with professional headshot's while assisting in the set-up of your profile. 




If you're not familiar, Bumble is a dating app that allows women to make the first move. Though photos aren't always a good judge of character, platform protocols like this mean more to women than they would to us men. If you know me, you know I'm always asking; Why? So I did. I gently raised my hand and asked Morayo why only the women are allowed to make the first move on a platform that was intended for professional use?


It was because women can't seem to find a safe place......even on linkedin. The simple answers blew my mind for two reasons. One being my oblivion to the fact that we really out here being weird on platforms that are meant to be used to excel your career. And the second reason I was blown was because I felt bad that women had to go through things like this. I felt disgusted as a man to know that we were doing this to our sisters and friends. Ya'll weird bro. Think about your sister or your mom being hit on at work. Would that make you feel safe sending them anywhere? 


ANYWAY...........Ya'll please do better and stop embarrassing me. 


Shout out to all of the women that still continue to show up and look adversity in the face. I am sorry for those of us who seem to still be battling with mommy issues. If I see it, I will make a commitment to stop it. I love you. 


Your BumbleBizz Brother








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