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"Brand-Aid" 2019 Recap




There are summits, there are networking events, there are panels, there are brunches, and then there's "Brand-Aid."


Right when you think, "Been there, done that," Keisha of Flawless Hair Studio say's, "Nah Bruh. You haven't." Let's go ahead and have a moment of silence for the hard work and dedication it took to curate an event that not only inspired the entrepreneur mindset, but also provided tools and resources for those of us with businesses and aspiring brands. 


Though the vendor list was healthy and stacked with products that helped promote self-care and business-care, the topics that were discussed throughout this brand experience was sure to get your business in order. In that order! Keisha made sure to provide a platform that helped us understand brand clarity, social media marketing, sole proprietorship, building an LLC, IRS Filing Information, obtaining business credit, and more! Like we said above....... there are panels, there are brunches, and then there's brand-aid. 


If the vendors and Dj didn't get the vibe right,  

Life Coach Matthew Hayes did the job as one of the first speakers to hit the stage. As if having Iesha (@lipstickxlabelz) grace the event as host wasn't enough; Cameron Bertrand, Montie Green, Jonna Scott-Blakes, Rashod Harris, Jasmine Martinez, and Nia Wellman hit the stage as panelist to drop gem after gem! 



To be honest, we love panel discussions and you can count on this platform to support any event that may have one; but lets talk about the expert panel that housed Digital Marketer- Jasmine Smith, Financial Advisor- Tanita Brinkley, and Calherbe Monel of the Non-Profit StartUp Center. There is no amount of money that could have paid for the amount of knowledge that was received in each of these expert's avenues. To end things right,  Tia Deas, Jamar Diggs, Lia Monet , and Jadyn St. Julien, all hosted breakout sessions that ranged in self-publishing, gaining clients from social media, and healthy business habits. 


Thank you Keisha for creating and then providing! Be on the lookout for this Queens as she continuously has something cooking. 





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"Brand-Aid" 2019 Recap

April 18, 2019

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