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It's kind of like that feeling the night before your first day of school. Your clothes are ironed and prepared. Your shoes are laced just right, and you have new socks & underwear waiting for you to slide into. You might even splash on some of your favorite sixth grade fragrance. Its an exciting nervousness that pulsates through your being that barely allows you to sleep. You sit and await anxiously for the day to come and you bask in every moment of the process it takes to get ready for the day. You even walk funny to keep the creases out of your fresh white dc's. It feels like the first day of school for the 757. This is going to transform the waters!  


 Name belts, Greenbriar Mall, Jillians before it became the new Waterside, Haygood Skating, and now a 3 DAY FESTIVAL WITH SOME OF THE DOPEST PEOPLE ( a lot of which happen to be from the 757). Oh this big. Jhene Aiko, Missy, Pusha, Jaden Smith, I mean shall I go on. The list doesn't stop. What did we even do to deserve such grace? We no longer serve the same president as the rest of the United States. Pharrell is actually Virginia's President. The capital is being changed from Washington D.C. to Richmond. Missy Elliott is now the Mayor and Uncle Push is being invited to every cook-out. 


The closest things we've received to something like this is #EDLFEST, might I add is the most epic festival in the 757 to date! We REAAAADDDYYYYY (In Tiffant Haddish's voice). Throw the whole beach weekend away, NO NEED NO MO! Book your oceanfront rooms and get your name-belts charged. We about to do it for the 99 & Two Thousand (757 Style). 




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