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How To Support An Entrepreneur

November 8, 2018


Listen, just because we tell you all of our business doesn't mean that we need you in our business. After all, we are entrepreneurs.


We have all the answers.


At least it seems that way. Forever giving advice that we don't receive and pointing out the star in everyone else but ourselves. 


............like a box of creative nothingness that weighs on your shoulders and contains a plethora of "one of these days" and somehow's. It holds purpose that may not be quite attained and substance that can sometimes become unsteady.


Its too much to bear,

but it is a must to see what sunshine looks like over there. 


 Sadly enough, a lot of you you (or they rather) wont make it. In hopes to support our population of risk-takers, we've given 10 ways to assist with their mental health!





1) Don't try to give advice based on the person you met prior to the project. They don't live here no more. 


2) Don't ask for free sh*t just because you knew us when we won't sh't. They don't live here no more. 


3) Don't try to give us real world advice. We tried that and then some. We couldn't keep being basic. They don't live here no more. 


4) Try to be ecstatic as possible. Yes we've talked about that same  project 19 times before. Yes we still need your affirmation. The person that first told you about it.....don't live here no more. 


5) Don't tell our secrets. We are firm believers in dream snatchers,.......Those ways don't live here no more. 


6) Don't compare us. Whether it is to yourself, or another struggling artist........They don't live here no more. 


7) Don't tell us we need a "real job." That's why we don't live there no more. 


8) We are collecting tabs until further notice. We're broke. We know when we owe you, and we know when you owe us. That friend with the full time corporate job don't live here no more. 


9.) We discuss dreams, vacations, excursions, and business plans. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else, don't live here no more. 


10.) Just be ready for consistent evolving. Smile. Enjoy the ride. Take part in the moment of being on this hell-bent journey with us. We vow to be sure you won't regret it. 




That's our hope anyway. 

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