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Siri, "What does 10 Toes Down Mean."

October 30, 2018

10 Toes down, I never knew what that meant. 


So to all of my cultured friends, this is your fault. Though I only submerse myself in surface level everything, I wish this piece of my reality was different. Growth has always been a policy in my battlefield, however, we all get tired. When I heard the quote, "10 Toes down," I literally saw a visual representation of 10 toes scraping the floor. Kind of like when a lady wears heels and her toes are holding on to the ground instead of her shoes. I know. Trifling, but that's where I was. 


10 Toes down is a figurative statement that reminds us to stay true and solid. Right? I get my level 6 culture pass now, please and thank you. But no, forreal. This makes perfect sense now.


But I have questions.


What does your 10 Toes down look like?

What are you staying true to?


For me, being solid is always reminding myself that I have to remain genuine and pure-hearted. This is the only true way for me to pursue purpose. 10 Toes down can mean keeping your faith close to you especially when you grow weary.  It means getting back up and chasing after whatever is for you. 


10 Toes down means going back to your mission to finding purpose. It means sitting quietly so that you can hear clearly. It means being still so that you can learn how to grow. 


I have a hard time understanding what I'm sticking to and my only hope is that I mature fast enough to finally get it. Whatever you do, don't give up. Find purpose in your passions. 

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