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20Sumn, The Black Burdell, and HotLanta

This past weekend, the 20Sumn Brand had the privilege of covering media at, "The Black Burdell: School of Entrepreneurship" in Atlanta, GA. Of course we had to bring along one of our partners, #DIVS for the ride since they are known to be raw with the visuals. We were grateful for another opportunity to build the brand but equally as excited to take Atlanta for the first time. We've been many places to cover media, but ATL wasn't like any other city.  



As we arrived in Georgia, the traffic was #brazy and nobody seemed to be as sweet as a peach on the highway. That all changed as we arrived on the campus of Georgia Tech to begin learning something new in regards to building a brand. The opening keynote speaker was Dayna Thomas, 'The Entrepreneurship Fairy Godmother." She was a phenomenal speaker and dropped gems like no other. Not only did she address the brand and getting over fears, but also touched on not rushing the process.  She says, "Write down the random things/ideas that come to your head about what you need to do or should do be doing." This was helpful as we can certainly identify with becoming overwhelmed with the amount of things on our mind. As the afternoon went on, we heard from many more speakers like Brittany Applegate, Bola Ibidapo, Brittany Bullock, Yvonne Dragon, & Paul Bryant to name a few. Each of them were exceptional in their approach of things we should do to better not only our businesses, but ourselves. One of our favorite moments came from Brittany Applegate as she reminded us to evaluate 4 things regarding your brand: 


1) Is it, "Own-able?"

2) Can it be, "Differentiated?"

3) Does it create, "Inspiration?"

4) Is it, "Honest?"


She definitely had us reminiscing on how we discovered our purpose and how to keep our mission in tact. As the evening went on, the energy continued to brew throughout the room. Million dollar ideas were discussed in that very room (if you know you know. haha)! Last but not least, we were able to hear from the inspiring Darryl Bellamy. This man is on FIRE! We are rarely impressed, but this guy is someone every millennial should hear. He spoke on the number one fear of our generation, which happened to be FAILURE. He was absolutely right. Almost everyone we meet struggles with doubt so we KNOW this to be FACT! He is someone you need to hear, y'all. 


On Sunday, the conference hosted a Brunch at Publico Atlanta, and just when you thought the energizer bunny had passed out, you were wrong. WE WERE ON 1HUNNID,  YET AGAIN.  Obio  Omalara serenaded us with song, and the $20 mimosa pitchers added a liveliness that power-points could not. Needless to say, the entire weekend was fire and the experience was unmatched.  



To get more info regarding The Black Burdell and upcoming events, please click here. 

As for us taking on Atlanta, we found some dope places in the city and found that there is ALWAYS something to do. Cascades is still open, and they have a pretty dope Bonfire you want to check out on Sundays. Atlanta seems to be the place for the emerging entrepreneur but from what I heard, they closed. 


-Brenten Sims 


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