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Stuck between "I don't care that Black History Month has been over" and "Let me bless y'all with some melanin magic this Spring." | Her Image Buy Black Sip and Shop Recap

March 21, 2018

Now that Black History month has BEEN over and its basically April, I thought that I'd do us a solid and extend the facts and highlights past February 28th. Or March in our case. February was full of black excellence, black love, and us retrieving knowledge from the past. To be honest, I still don't have my fix. So let me begin this extension with a recap of the, "Her Image Black Sip & Shop."


What was so great about their event was the knowledge they dropped on us even in the midst of the hype. The DJ stop spinning, the coins stopped spending, and the receipts were pulled as the ladies gave us gems for the rest of the evening. Did you kno​​w that Black Wall street was a thing? Hell, me either. Apparently, Black Wall street was a community in Oklahoma (who would have thought)! In the 1900s, this community held 600 businesses, 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, 2 movie theaters, 6 private airplanes, 1 hospital, a bank, and lastly......a whole school system. I thought, "What in the entire hell," as I sat and listened to the fact sheet.


As time progressed, the bar was open and the door was in full rotation as people of color crowded into the event to sip and shop all black owned businesses. The vendors were on point, and they definitely got to see how this next fact was true. 


Did you know: $1 circulated in Black Wall Street 36-100 times and nearly a whole year before leaving the community? It took the following demographics, this many days to circulate in their community: 


-Caucasion: 17 Days
-Jewish: 20 Days
-Asians: 30 days 
(All according to the NAACP)


Wow, is all the room could say. As we finished out the evening and listened to performers, the feel in this room was unmatched. Melanin magic everywhere. 


One last question.....Where you spending your money? 

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