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A Threat | .....And that's a promise.

February 27, 2018



Me being a threat, is not a threat. It’s a promise. Past the surface, I have a fight in me that mirrors resilience, persistence, and manifestation of anything great. An unmatched petition for change in myself and others. Before we begin, let me just tell you that this isn’t a typical blog post.  Well, because one....I’m not a blogger....and because two....this is a declaration. A declaration for those who pay the price for having fight in them.  A declaration for those who get knocked down every so often and have no choice but to regroup in Gods timing.


**Here comes the language for those who follow religion as opposed to relationship**


Just recently, I had the privilege of getting my car stolen. I say privilege because it’s some sh*t you hear about on TV, but never really would expect to happen in real life. Yeah, it was in broad daylight. No....I’m not tight, anymore. And actually, I was never that tight to begin with. I was just in shock that God would allow this to happen. Victimization at its finest.



Listen....Life is going to happen with or without you. Know that you have fight in you. Maybe you have it, but you're just tired and that’s OK! Regardless, I want you all to know that nothing will stop what God has for you. The biggest things will come up against those who have the gift of understanding. Understanding that our mission is bigger than us. Understanding that we have to take back what we missed out on. Understanding that we are soldiers as opposed to civilians in a spiritual sense, and even understanding that character is being earned through life lessons. No matter what the case is, know that you are a threat to society. Take pleasure in the obstacles and know the bigger the fall, the better the triumph.


So with that being said, I'll be coming hard for the time I missed while my car was busy being stolen.


Here are a few things you should know:


-I'll be extending our Black History Session into the month of March and releasing the rest of 20Sumns Top 20s. I do what I want.




-If I promised you a meeting or Collab, I still mean it. I’ll be contacting you this week for a reschedule!


As long as you continue to be a threat to society, you will always have life coming for you. Embrace that. Know that you are strong enough to conquer whatever battle is before you.


Model: Me

Shirt: http://divs.bigcartel.com/  

Photographer: Kash (Click to access her instagram) 

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