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Cultured Black Boy: Macaroon Madness

January 16, 2018


Let me admit that Starbucks, Birkenstock's, and imported beers are not my thing. Not as hipster as I would like to be, but I would consider myself pretty damn cool. Short walks on the beach, Chipotle , and alone time naked on my couch with a few drinks is as loose as I’m getting at 26. Being a millennial in your mid to late 20’s becomes rather depressing as you find more adult things to enjoy. Alone time becomes necessary, and your mood swings keep you in the house after an eight hour work day. 


All these symptom’s represent an ailment called, “The Transition.” All of us experience some type of transition whether it be mentally, physically, or spiritually. Because we experience so much change during this time frame, we tend to keep hold to the things that have been loyal to us like inebriation’s and reality tv shows to name a few.


Because I didn’t want to keep the same tired things in my life, I decided to become a “cultured black boy.” Probably one of the best decisions I have made in this lifetime. Though certain things may not be for you, never slight yourself of new experiences that could be just as loyal as. Since I’ve made this pact, I’ve come across some things that I normally wouldn’t find interesting……like macaroons. DUMB BLACK BOY is what I was calling myself after years of thinking this piece of heaven was only for white women in their millennial years.


As I prepared for a photo shoot on Bute St in Norfolk, I came across Hummingbird’s Macaroons, where I was greeted with a royal aesthetic and big smile from the young lady who worked the register. As I took in the moment, I began to question what the macaroon was all about and quickly fell in love with the light cookie like pastry with buttercream in the middle. Like I said, I had 5. It was so good that I decided to let Niyah of Everyday Dope Life try a gingerbread macaroon before we put in some work.


I say all this to say, TRY NEW THINGS. Don’t be afraid to walk in that country bar, karaoke night, or weird Pho place. These are the very things that culture you and help you appreciate those who walk the earth just as you do.


 Check out the video of Niyah trying a gingerbread Macaroon with some of the photos I took from this cool shop.  



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