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"An Underrated Generation" | 20Sumn’s Creative Cover Release: Collection 1

January 16, 2018


Everyone knows that 20Sumn aims to serve the creatives in our community. With that, I am often advocating on our behalf to ensure that “old folk” take us serious. Sadly, I’ve heard a few things that disturbed me concerning the millennial generation and though most statements concerned our work ethic, I refuse to accept these statements as general consensus. I’ve simply come to the conclusion, “they just don’t know how to take us.” So dynamic in our ways that most traditionalist find us frightening and most other generations find us absolutely nuts.


Here are a few things I’ve heard concerning us, and I’ll be sure to equate that in millennial terms for you:


  • We make demands instead of request!

    • I correlate this statement to us just knowing what we want. We don’t consult with anyone, we just do the damn thing. Knowing what you want is absolutely OK, but how you relay your demand is major key.


  • We exhibit Overconfidence!

    • There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance however I had a hard time agreeing with this because we come from an era of dead beat daddies and parents who didn’t affirm us. Being confident in yourself and affirming your strengths is absolutely ok in the event you don’t put anyone else down. Who else will appreciate you, if YOU don’t?


  • We rely on certain forms of communication!

    • I can agree with the fact that we typically stick to one means of communication. However, I believe this is because we grew up while text was evolving. I think us being more intentional about the generation we are reaching is something we can execute when considering our communication.


  • We talk more than we listen!

    • Guilty as charged! Once we’ve made it to a certain place in our lives, we have all the answers. I believe this is the case only because we’ve stayed quiet for so long. The bench was full with people like us waiting for a chance to battle with purpose. Doubt creeped in, but we kicked it out. Just remember, the smartest person in the room is a fly on the wall. Know when to shut up.


  • We are bad at multitasking!

    • We grew up during a time where technology gave us everything we wanted instantaneously. Our generation became good at so many things in such little time; Even if it meant quitting shortly after. This has caused us to be good at many things, but rarely becoming masters of all these same things. I only equate this to us being so dynamic. Because this is the case, we can certainly work on mastering each avenue that become passionate about.


Just because these five points were partly true, that does not mean I haven't come in contact with millennials who make it a priority to prove those statements otherwise. Yes we have been blessed with those like MLK to change the standard, however, I think it would do him justice to highlight those who are currently upholding his standard. The standard to be better than yesterday.




Click here to access the photos that 20Sumn took of some dope creatives who are doing just that with their zeal for better tomorrow.









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