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Siblings, Accountability, and Business Partner: Who completes your circle?

November 16, 2017


You ever read the media and hear something about a famous person that sounds outlandish and then you hear that someone very close to them gave up the information? Yeah, well that credible source is my sister and I would personally kill her.  Please know that if it does not come from her or a few others, then it isn’t credible. Also, I’m the vault for her so it’s even and I know she’d never. Now that’s out the way, let’s move on.


As you all take this journey with the 20Sumn movement, we will be releasing post to help you where it counts. Through the success of this project, my sister has been there coaching me when necessary. I cannot stress the fact that you must have people in your corner who support every aspect of your life. Not sure about you, but I like soldiers around me. People who can hold their own and produce growth just as fast as I try to. From my faith, to my business, and personal life……sis knows the nitty gritty. Having someone to intercede on your behalf when you’re low is vital, and you must surround yourself with people who will do that without being asked.


My sister has had her business and website for about a year now and she has been doing the damn thing. From consistent content to hella photo shoots, she was in the mix handling business. When I began this venture in September, she was low-key tired of me talking about all of the great ideas I had but never executing them. Have people around that will challenge your growth when need be. Here are a few personality traits your circle should possess:

  • Growth

    • Each and every relationship you have should grow with you. If it does not, that means someone is being left behind. The art of growth is knowing when to keep going or when to wait up. You’ll know. Growth should come easy to whatever kind of “ship” it is.

  • Transparency

    • Find at least one person you can be real with. Someone who knows the ugly part of you and all the true feelings about situations that bother you. Someone you can be authentic with about your piss poor qualities.

  • Vision

    • Your circle should have vision. Though they may not be interested in the same things, they have the same heart for the future as you do.

  • Faith

    • If your faith plays a role in who you are, be sure you all talk about that with your circle. My faith is what keeps me grounded and having someone to hold me accountable to those values make life a little easier to navigate.

  • Unapologetic

    • Have someone who is real with you about you. Someone who won’t be sorry for telling you the truth though it stings a bit. These are the people that genuinely care and want to see you do well. Granted, some people will naturally hate on the progress but you’’ be able to differentiate in the moment.

At the end of the day, your circle reflects who you are as in individual. After so long, you will only go as far as they will. So choose wisely, I just got lucky. Check out some of our photos from the shoot.





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