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October 13, 2017


As I began to write, the words began to flow. I had finally taken a hold of my artistry and without my knowing, it had been cultivated into this earthy resilience that I never had. As I began to think about the vision of 20Sumn, my heart began to embrace what was in store for this movement. Please enjoy this 20Sumn inspired piece, written by yours truly.



I usually don’t do this

I try to leave the lyricism to the realest and truest of them


But I told God that I would black on every single track


& every platform that I’d get.


So I’ve come to reclaim my time.


His time. Your Time. The cultures time.

And we not talking money, sex, and drugs for the fifth time.


I’m talking executing the dreams of the young boys mind.


I’m talking go time, you see. You not hearing me bro.

They felt sorry for the Mommy & Daddy issues for a long time,

Its my mind. Im taking it back. Its exactly what they didn’t want.

They mad Bro

We have the potential to have em’ shivering and shaking

And Im not talking what our generation perceives as love making.

Im talking mind making. That kind that has your leg shaking.

Pissed off. Mad, that you hadn’t taken it all back before.

Its your bro. Take it out on the culture.

For creating that perspective that we have to be somebody other

than what he expected. Im going off, bro.

Im not good with the references but i'm dam sure good with the excellence


And no arrogance, but for a long time I sat by and listened to the lies

That lied beneath the metaphoric uncredited sources.

I heard it, I felt it. I knew it, never pursued it.

Unled, yet directed. Distant but slightly connected. Woke af.

A mix between, I can feel the pain and I can see the pain,

But it just doesn’t hurt anymore. I know its there.

While everyone sits by idly timid and scared.

I was once there.


It had me dead inside.

No one ever told me it was easier to get up and fight,


Rather than to lay down and let them take your life.


I mean, I hear the people.


But I never heard the people. I’m the people in your head type of people. The voice of the people.


The ones that shape the battlefield, and create the fight kind of people.


Take care of those people, because those are the ones

That take care of your people.

-Brenten Sims

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