An Anthology of Modern Millennial Stories-- What happens when you don't know exactly where you're headed? Do you trust the plan for life? Or do you just try and make it happen on your own? Count this is an informal  guide to millennial success. Read stories from some of the most talented "goal-getters" that just to happen to be taking it over for the "99 & Two Thousand."  

Stories By: 

Amber Heyward: Jesus, Take the Wheel

Austin Baynard: Making the Mix

Brandon Toombs: Not Guilty

Branisha Walker: Purpose in Patience- Packing takes time

Brenten Sims: Less is More

Cameron Bertrand: Buying Back the Block

Christal Marshall: I Was Supposed to Be Dead

Edishia Roundtree: The Struggle & The Praise

Emmanuel Cuffee: "X"

Faith Saxton: Above Average Sis

James Harrington: A Letter to a Younger Me

Joshua Tate: Identity Crisis

Kayla Samuels: My Life, His Plan

Larry Whitaker Jr. : Letter From the North

Sean Powell: The Young Business Builder

Shantel Chevalier: Shantel Sole'

Siya Olivia: Decided

Tia Deas: PainFUL

Tony McCraven Jr.: Fitting in With the Fit In

99 & Two Thousand- An Anthology of Modern Millennial Stories

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