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Is what we'll call you. 

...and we do this thing where we highlight millennial entrepreneurs who are out here leading the city right (like you). 

Because we've done ample research on the movers & shakers; of course your name came up as someone who's been working. And by work, we don't mean people who just make noise-We're talking people who make a shift in culture. 

There's people out there....


who provoke change,

challenge culture,

and impact the world.


Thank you! 


No one knows your story better than you do! But nobody can help you tell it better than we can.


From entrepreneurs, recording artist, influencers, and business owners just like you- we've worked with everyone! 

Because we want to share your mission with the world, we've created a specially curated platform with content that pays homage to individuals on the same mission.

Because we've reached out to you, this is completely free! We just need your time. You'll just need to complete the form below!  



15-20 Minute Interview Tailored

to fit your brand!

2-3 Edited Photos 

1-2 Instagram Video Promo

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(Story may also be shared to other

media platforms of parties involved

in the creative process.)

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We heard through the grapevine you were dope. Of course we had to see for ourselves. 

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Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If we want you to bring something special, we'll let you know. 

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Click here to view some of our interviews from previous seasons (and even see who we've been interviewed by). 

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